6. Problems using Broadband

Broadband technology is still a new and evolving area. Because the connection is via a commercial service provider and, in most cases, using a modem and software provided by them, they will necessarily need to be the main source of technical support in resolving connection problems.

Some specific problems:

  • No connection at all. Check that your modem/router is connected and switched on. If you cannot access any webpages or email, contact your broadband provider.
  • Upload speed is very slow. Both ADSL and cable-modem based services deliberately offer much faster download speeds than upload speeds - this is based on the fact that most people do a lot more downloading than uploading. Upload speeds can be as little as 64 kbit/sec - little faster than a conventional modem.
  • Web page access errors when using VPN. Telnet access is also affected. If you have firewall software on your machine (which may have been included as part of the broadband software) it may need additional configuration of its settings to deal with this.

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