1. Introduction

The Networks team within OUCS is responsible for provisioning new and upgraded connections to the University backbone network, and recovering some part of the cost of this work. Traditionally there are three sources of income: capital grants from the University (and College supplements) for major upgrades, day-to-day running costs covered by OUCS via the Infrastructure Charge, and direct cost recovery for one-off new or upgraded connections.

This document shows the charges and charging model for new or upgraded connections to the University backbone network. This charging model was reviewed in February 2008 following the conclusion of the FroDo project, which significantly changed the landscape and topology of the backbone. You will no doubt be pleased to see that we have reduced charges to reflect the current costs to OUCS involved with the work required to establish them. FroDo has simplified this process in most cases.

As well as the charges, below, please also read the Q&A section and the Use Case section, which cover the inevitable variety of scenarios we tend to find within the collegiate University. If you have further questions please email networks@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

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