2. Charges

There are now only two connection charges, which reflect only the speed of connection and not how and where this is made to the backbone network (as was the case with the previous charging model):

Data Connection SpeedPrice
100 Mbit/sec £1,300
1 Gbit/sec £4,000

Further to the above, there is one charge for a new FroDo installation:

FroDo Installation £5,000

The intention is that a FroDo installation (which includes a switch, UPS, cabinet, and so on, but for more details see the FroDo page) will be incorporated into the cost of a new building. The occupants of that building then pay for a connection as per the first table, above.

Below are listed some key points, and for the finer details please see the Q&A section of this document:

  • Colleges are charged VAT on top of these prices.
  • The FroDo Installation price does not include any data connections, but includes building service connections such as wireless.
  • Fibre works for new installations are charged at cost on top of these prices.
  • There is no refund when upgrading the speed of a data connection.

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