3. Questions and Answers

Will there be two charges for a site-to-site link?

No, where a network is presented in two locations, we charge only once for the first two data ports. Thereafter, we will charge for each additional port. Please see the Use Case section below, for more details.

Isn't the FroDo connected at only 1Gbit/sec? What if there are two Gigabit connections on it?

The back-haul from any FroDo will be upgraded where necessary to provide sufficient bandwidth to connected units. The cost for this is factored into your initial data connection charge.

Do all FroDo switches support Gigabit data connections?

Only some are Gigabit capable, but OUCS will replace the switch if necessary to support a Gigabit connection. The cost for this is factored into our charging model. Note: OUCS cannot cover the cost of fibre works, and where single-mode (Gigabit capable) fibre is not installed to a site there will be an at-cost recovery for this upgrade.

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