1. The DNS web interface

The Interface for Hosts Update is the preferred mechanism for updating the Oxford University hosts database.

If you are a departmental or college network administrator who wishes to use this scheme you will need to apply for a password from networks@oucs.ox.ac.uk.

The web interface allows for manipulation of the following:
A records
The principal name<->number mapping for hosts. For instance, IP address maps to dns2.ox.ac.uk.
CNAMEs (aliases)
These allow multiple names to point at a single host. For instance, a machine registered as foo.misc.ox.ac.uk may act as the webserver for the college, and thus a CNAME entry pointing www.misc.ox.ac.uk at that machine can be put in. Note that the alias points at a name, not a number.
MX (mailer) records

These allow for mail addressed to one host to be handled by a different host, for instance all mail addressed to foo.misc.ox.ac.uk will be sent instead to bar.misc.ox.ac.uk. Note that this will not affect the username portion of an email address username@hostname.ox.ac.uk; it only allows one to perform per-hostname filtering.

The record name need not exist as an A record; while the A record mail.misc.ox.ac.uk might not exist, it can exist as an MX record, ensuring that any mail to addresses with mail.misc.ox.ac.uk to the right of the "@" sign is directed to a mail server.

An MX record may point to multiple hosts, in which case systems will attempt to pass on mail in order of priority should the primary mailserver be unavailable. Often oxmail.ox.ac.uk will act as the secondary mailserver. A name in an MX record must not be a CNAME record.

Other records
In a few cases, DNS records may be required which cannot be processed by the DNS web interface. In these cases, please contact networks@oucs.ox.ac.uk with your requirements.

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