1. Eligibility

All domain names used for University business, whether or not they are under ox.ac.uk, must conform to the University's DNS Naming Policy.

It is University policy that web pages for projects being carried out in the University should be within the web structure of the department responsible. This is to maintain a cohesive image for the University, and avoid dissipation of the University's image by weakening the link between its name and activities being carried out under its aegis. Names outside the Oxford domain should only be used for projects that have a wider reach than the University and need an identifiable web presence. Requests for hosting are treated on a case-by-case basis.

Approval for hosting such names should be sought in the first instance from domain.registration@oucs.ox.ac.uk. Please state clearly why the ox.ac.uk is not considered appropriate for the project in question.

Please note that new domain names must be approved by the appropriate Head of Department or Head of House. Please also note that some requests may have to be referred to other bodies within the University, for example to Legal Services, who maintain the University's Trademark and Domain Name Policy.

Here is the full list of zones currently hosted on our servers.

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