3. Servers and delegation

We will host zones on the following servers:
  • dns0.ox.ac.uk
  • dns2.ox.ac.uk
These servers are located on different physical networks for increased resilience.

Following purchase, you will need to contact your domain registrar to arrange for the domain to be transferred to our servers. Larger registrars may provide a web interface through which you can set up the transfer. Please note that dns1.ox.ac.uk will not be authoritative for such zones.

In some cases (for instance an inter-university collaboration) a domain may already be hosted elsewhere and you only require us to provide a secondary server for the zone. In such cases we may be prepared to host the zone on dns2.ox.ac.uk only. You will need to inform us which server will be the primary for the domain and ensure that our server is able to make zone transfers from it.

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