5. Web and email provision

Subject to agreement, OUCS can offer limited web hosting functionality for non-ox.ac.uk domains meeting the eligibility criteria on the central OUCS webserver at no additional charge. More advanced hosting (e.g. PHP, database access) can be provided as a chargeable service from NSMS; alternatively sites can be hosted on college/department servers or via an external provider.

Central provision for email for non-ox.ac.uk domains is unfortunately limited. We are happy to offer mail relaying for such domains through oxmail, allowing you to take advantage of oxmail's antispam and antivirus facilities. However, oxmail must pass mail all addresses within the domain to a nominated SMTP server within your college/department (or operated by NSMS) from which all local deliveries or subsequent forwardings are handled. If this is not possible to arrange, it may be preferable to use a commercial provider for email forwarding.

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