3. Domain hosting

Most commercial providers will, for each domain registration they manage, also offer hosting of core services associated with the domain. These are nameservers (DNS servers authoritative for the domain, necessary for the domain to be accessible on the global internet), almost always a webserver, and often also an email service

Transfers of the domain registration and of the domain hosting are often related but need not be. OUCS can manage registrations for domains hosted elsewhere; alternatively domains can be registered through external providers but hosted wholly or partially via OUCS and other university facilities.

OUCS is happy to allow use of the University nameservers for any domain registered with OUCS but in some cases it may not be advantageous to do so. For instance if all other services within the domain are hosted with an external provider, they may prefer to manage the DNS entries themselves. Note also that OUCS can only offer limited email and web provision for domains which may necessitate hosting within a college/department or through an external provider.

When arranging an inbound transfer, OUCS will need to know whether or not hosting arrangements should also be changed, and arrange to set up the appropriate DNS records if so. Likewise for an outward transfer, please let us know whether the domain will continue to use University hosting.

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