2. Transfers for .uk domains

Transfers of domains under .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk use a separate procedure to most other commercially-administered domains. In some ways the procedure is more straightforward. Please contact us to discuss your requirements before beginning the transfer process.

The .uk namespace is administered by Nominet, with registrations handled by one of many registrars, of which OUCS are one. Each .uk domain is normally associated with a particular registrar's Nominet tag; this is a short identifier unique to that registrar. OUCS's tag is, unsurprisingly, "OUCS".

To effect a transfer to the University, all that is required is to ask the current registrar to transfer the domain to the OUCS tag (some registrars may charge for this). Transfers are near-instantaneous, and when complete, OUCS can make any necessary changes to domain delegations, contact information, etc. Certain subsequent changes may incur charges, for instance a change of ownership to the University.

Transfers from the university operate in a similar manner. We will need to know the tag for the registrar to which the domain is being transferred. If the domain is moving from the University nameservers to external hosting, please let us know when that process is complete so that we can remove it from our own systems.

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