6. Recommendation

Where there is a strong desire or technical need for an A record for unit.ox.ac.uk, the hostmaster team are prepared to add it on the request of the senior IT officer ("itss01") for the unit in question, provided that he or she has been made aware of the above issues and accepts responsibility for any future consequences. Units should bear in mind that with the current DNS interface, they will not be able to make changes to this DNS record themselves but must instead request changes through Hostmaster.

Where an HTTP service is offered for a host unit.ox.ac.uk, all requests should be redirected to www.unit.ox.ac.uk (or the unit's choice of canonical web address). For consistency, the HTTP service should be globally-accessible if it is accessible at all.

An A record for ox.ac.uk itself has implications for several University groups with potentially conflicting interests. While the hostmaster team are prepared to offer technical advice and recommend other persons or groups who should be consulted, they feel that policy decisions should be seen to be made at a more senior level within the University (for instance, by the Director of IT).

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