2. The Problem

Previously to the Frodo project a fibre optic cable was laid to the unit (college or department) and the unit was then responsible for all equipment leading off the fibre optic cable. This gave a few problems:

  • The management of the optical fibre and the "raw" service required a certain degree of technical ability within each department/building with a connection. Sometimes the unit isn't willing to pay for this level of expertise or the skills required are too specialist for it to be cost effective to train the existing staff.
  • Many buildings have multiple occupants who don't wish to share their network with each other.
  • Some units are spread across multiple sites but would like to make their network look like one site. Specifically each building would need a firewall if it connected directly onto the university backbone.
  • It was far from straightforward monitor if the connection was "up" due to the wide variety of equipment at use within the remote sites.

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