4. Case Studies

Wolfson College:

"When Frodo was initially outlined to college and departmental IT staff, I couldn't see that any of the described features were applicable to Wolfson's usage, so I expected to be a late adopter of the system. However, with a new intake of students, there was a sudden rise in the requests for wireless access within the college. Looking at the possibilities it seemed that OWL would be the most useful for our members, in that one setup for them would work.

"The installation of the Frodo box went very well, with a site survey establishing just where the box would be located, followed by delivery of the cabinet and finally a visit from OUCS staff to install Frodo itself. All this was very efficient and happened with little fuss and only a few moments of downtime. The installation provides us with a new patch panel in our main networking rack.

"Getting wireless up and running was simply a case of requesting this from OUCS, configuring the College's network switches and wireless access points (with guidance from OUCS) and finally plugging a cable from one of our switches into the new Frodo patch panel. The OWL (and subsequently eduroam) wireless services worked immediately and have continued to work with very little intervention from Wolfson's IT Support Team."

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