5. Costs

Costings had to be estimated two years in advance for the University's procedures. The charge was put forward at 3,750 GBP per department. This covers:

  • Frodo switch unit (Cisco 3750)
  • Uninterruptible power supply system
  • Wall-mounted 19" rack-mount cabinet
  • Survey, fitting, and installation
  • On-going hardware and software maintenance

The University agreed to fund the above for the majority of its buildings. The Conference of Colleges was approached by OUCS in order to combine and simplify the charging to colleges. They agreed to the model on behalf of the colleges, for provision of one Frodo installation at each college main site and the "back-feed" of any current annexes' networks to that site.

OUCS-assisted services such as wireless or support for networked electricity meters are not charged for if delivered through a Frodo installation. The only minor additional charge is if the fibre optic cabling to the building has to be re-routed in order to accomodate the Frodo's permanent physical location in the building.

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