1. General Information

OUCS manages the University-wide ethernet, which provides fast links between systems, in addition to maintaining the links to the national and international networks (JANET and the Internet). Support is available in the form of hardware and software advice, services, courses, and documentation.

Wireless Networking (OWL & Eduroam)
The OWL and Eduroam services let you connect to the network around the University wire free!
Internet Telephony and Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
Want to call home over the Internet? Read our document to find out how.
Peer to Peer Networks - Oxford University Rules
Using Peer-to-Peer applications? Find out about the University rules and conditions of use first.
Computer Security
It is vital to keep your own information and computer secure, both for your own privacy and for the overall security of the University network.

When you are away from the University you can still access your usual resources by using our Remote Access Services:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Essential software to access local resources when away from the University
JANET Roaming Service (JRS)
The JANET Roaming Service (JRS) allows visitors from any participating organisation to use credentials provided by their Home organisation to gain network access at a Visited organisation.
Broadband Connection
General information on using commercial broadband services.

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