1. What exactly is it?

An annually renewable Agreement, between OUCS and a Department or College, supporting the major networking components in a typical local area network. The scheme is well established and is a very attractive alternative to a commercial contract. It offers a rapid on-site swap-out service for popular Cisco, HP and 3Com switches. The Departmental or College Computing Officer will be the normal contact with OUCS and will agree all relevant down-times and access. If a device becomes faulty, a phone call to the OUCS Network Operations team during office hours Monday - Friday, will produce an equivalent replacement device which we aim to supply the same day - within four working hours of logging the call.

Devices we support:

  • Cisco 2960-24-TC 24 port 10/100
  • Cisco 2960S-24TS-L 24 port Gigabit + 4SFP
  • HP E2510 24 port 10/100 (J9019B)
  • HP E2510 48 port 10/100 (J9020A)
  • HP E2510G 20 port 10/100/1000 + 4 SFP/Gb (J9279A)
  • HP E2510G 44 port 10/100/1000 +4 SFP/Gb (J9280A)
  • HP/3Com E4210 24 port 10/100 (JF427A)
  • HP/3Com E4210 48 port 10/100 (JE027A)
  • 3Com SuperStack III (4226T, 4250T, 3824, 4200, 4400, 4500)
  • 3Com Switch 5500G-EI 24
  • 3Com Switch 5500G SFP

Please contact us if you require support of a device not listed above. If you have older switches which are no longer supported, please contact us to discuss upgrade options.

Contact for the scheme: Pierre Ramsay, OUCS. Tel. 2-73268 email: pierre.ramsay@oucs.ox.ac.uk

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