3. Remote Access Services

3.1. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

For this service, you will need:

For broadband, or when connecting directly at another Internet site, the VPN service is the only option if you need to access certain restricted facilities. Note, however, that you do not normally need VPN to access most library resources (see Library Services Remote Access page for more information)

Full details are on the web pages for the VPN service, including how to install the necessary software.

3.2. The Eduroam Service

Eduroam is the newer wireless service, supplementing the older OWL service. This is described in more detail on the Eduroam Wireless page.

3.3. Dial-up service

OUCS no longer provides a Dial-up service giving access to the University network over standard telephone lines or ISDN. Former users of the dial-up service may be interested in reading about some alternative solutions.

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