You have probably been directed to this page because your email account has been accessed by an unauthorised person. Firstly, don’t panic! You are not the first person this has happened to and there are some steps you can take to minimise the damage.

The most important thing you can do is change the password of the affected account, ensure you do this from a computer you know is safe to avoid the attacker finding out the new password.

  • As soon as possible, please inform your local IT support staff or the IT Services general helpdesk. For further details please see:

  • If your Nexus account has been affected, the same Oxford username and password will give you access to other University systems and services via Single-Sign On (SSO). If this includes critical business systems such as Financials or HRIS, or any other system storing personal or confidential University data, please ensure that IT Services are informed.
  • To help prevent your account being compromised again, do not give out your new password and make sure any device you use to access your account has any available software updates applied and, if applicable, anti-virus software installed.

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