4. How to avoid your account being compromised again

To avoid your account being abused again in the future, please remember never to send your password to anyone in an email. Your local IT support staff and IT Services staff will never ask you to email your password for any reason.

Be sceptical about any email you receive regarding your password, particularly if you are asked to respond by email or if it contains a link to a form which requests your password. You will annually receive genuine password expiry notices from IT Services, however you will not be asked to respond directly to these notices.

Be wary of unsolicited phone calls claiming that your computer has a problem that the caller can fix if you allow them access. If the call is genuinely from your IT officer they will not mind verifying their identity with you.

Ensure you are running the most up to date software versions that you can on any systems you use to access your account, avoid accessing your account from devices you have no control over and may not be well maintained, such as from Internet cafes.

If in any doubt always contact your local IT support for advice, information regarding University IT support services can be found here:


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