3. Notifications and correspondence

OxCERT will generally use a single email address for each college or department for correspondence regarding security incidents. Ideally this should be a generic address such as it-support@unit.ox.ac.uk which is monitored on a regular and frequent basis by multiple members of staff. We are happy to use a particular contact address specifically for use regarding security incidents; just let us know. If we do not have a record of a preferred address from past correspondence, we will look to contact either a generic IT support contact address (if one exists) or the registered IT manager.

OxCERT notifications are generally sent from our own ticketting system, bearing a ticket number in the Subject line. Please try to keep this in the subject line of all further correspondence regarding a particular incident for ease of reference. If you have your own ticketting system then please avoid sending an autoresponse to every correspondence from us on a ticket; we will tolerate one in response to our initial notification.

Please keep all correspondence in plain text (unless sending specific attachments). HTML-only email in particular can interact badly with our systems.

When requesting removal of network blocks, as well as including the ticket number, it can help to explicitly state the MAC and/or IP address of the host in question, so that we can process the request more quickly.

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