3. Other Passwords

There are many different services for which you may have usernames and passwords, here are a few types of account that many users may have (and may have entered onto the infected computer), this may help to remind you of passwords you might need to change:

  • Local passwords on your own computer for login
  • Oxford Account password: used for your University email account, also known as Single Sign-On account. You may also need to change your security question and answer if these have been used while your computer was compromised.
  • Remote Access Account password: used for VPN, Eduroam, etc
  • Passwords for logging onto your college or Departmental machines (eg Windows login passwords, passwords for college/departmental mail servers, SSH Passwords)
  • Any other university accounts you use, eg OLIS, Society Accounts, accounts for departmental/college websites or email addresses
  • Passwords for Instant Messaging services (eg MSN Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger)
  • Passwords for VOIP (eg Skype)
  • Passwords for any other University/college services you use (eg Financials, Student Services)
  • Passwords for other email accounts you use (eg gmail, hotmail, yahoo mail, any email accounts associated with your broadband provider)
  • Passwords for online banking and bank details you may have entered. It is recommended that you contact and seek advice from your bank if you believe you may be at risk.
  • Passwords for Online Shopping (eg Amazon, play.com, Supermarkets, auction sites like ebay, online payment sites like paypal or Google checkout)
  • Passwords for household utilities (eg. broadband, telephone, electricity/gas billing)
  • Passwords for online gaming (eg World of Warcraft)
  • Passwords for social Networking Sites (eg Facebook, Myspace)
  • Passwords for any blogging and photo sites you use (eg Livejournal, Flickr)

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