This document contains brief details of installing and configuring the VPN client on the iPhone or iPod Touch (installed as standard with version 2.0 of the firmware). Configuring the built-in VPN client on an iPad should be very similar.

1. Requirements

There are a number of requirements necessary in order to use the VPN service on an iPhone or iPod Touch; these are detailed below.

  • Your device must be connected to the internet, either by wireless (iPod Touch or iPhone) or 3G (iPhone only).
  • Your iPhone / iPod Touch must have firmware version 2.0. To check this, go to [Settings > General > About] and look at the Version field.
  • You must have created a Remote Access account via the self registration pages.
  • Members of Oxford University need to download a file containing the configuration information in order to setup their connection as described below.

2. Configuring the VPN Client

  1. Go to [Settings > General > Network > VPN]. If you have never set up VPN on the device before, it will say "Not Configured"; otherwise, it will say "Not Connected". Click on this to proceed to the configuration screen.
    Screenshot of the Network settings screen showing VPN listed as 'Not
  2. Select [Add VPN Configuration...]
    Screenshot of the VPN settings screen showing 'Add Configuration'
  3. Select IPSec from the options at the top of the screen.
    Screenshot of the VPN configuration screen showing 'IPSec'
  4. Fill in the fields as follows:
    • Description:OUCS VPN
    • Account:******* [your remote access username]
    • Password:****** [your remote access password]
    • Use certificate:OFF
    • Group Name:oxford
    • Secret:****** [secret password]
    The password information is provided in the configuration information downloaded from OUCS (see configuration link above).
  5. Save this configuration. You will be returned to the VPN screen, with your new configuration selected.
    Screenshot of VPN screen with new configuration saved and selected
  6. Switch VPN to ON. You should see [Status] change from Starting, to Connecting, then Connected.
    Screenshot of 'Connecting' stage
    Screenshot of 'Connected' stage
  7. You are now connected to OUCS VPN. You should see a small 'VPN' symbol in the menu bar.

To disconnect, simply go to [Settings > VPN] and move the slider to OFF.