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Configuring a Windows NT PC to use the Central WINS Servers


In order to use the central WINS servers, your PC must be connected to the Oxford University network via an Ethernet connection and have an IP address assigned. Generally if you can connect your PC to the University network and access the world wide web using Internet Explorer, Netscape or Opera this has been done. If not, you will need to connect your PC to the University network before continuing.

NB If you are an IT Manager responsible for setting up PCs in a college, department or other unit, please make sure that you have read the Naming Standards document before you continue.

1. Instructions

1.1. Naming your PC

In order to use the central WINS servers, it is essential that your PC has a name that is unique within the whole of the University. If it doesn't, you can find that some networking services are disabled, and you cannot access some resources on the network. For example, a common reason for using WINS is in order to access the full version of OxLIP. If your PC has the same name as another PC using WINS, you may not be able to access OxLIP until you change the PC name.

1.2. Checking the Existing WINS Configuration

If your PC is set to pick up its IP address details automatically, it may pick up WINS configuration details in the same way. To check whether your computer is already configured to use WINS, start a command prompt (Start, then [Programs], then [Command Prompt]), type ipconfig /all and press <Return> or <Enter>. Under the Ethernet Adapter heading, look for entries for Primary WINS Server and Secondary WINS Server. If there are numbers against these entries and the numbers are and (in either order), then your PC is already configured to use the central WINS servers and you can skip the rest of these instructions.

Figure ntconfig5.jpg [Output from ipconfig /all]

1.3. Configuring the WINS Parameters