2. Alphabetically by code

ACOM Applied Computing
ADMIN University Offices
ADMN University Offices
ALLS All Souls College
ANAE Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
ANAE Pain Relief Unit
ANAT Department of Human Anatomy
ARCH Committee for Archaeology
ARCH Institute of Archaeology
ARCH Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
ARCH University Archives
ARTH Department of the History of Art
ASC All Souls College
ASHL Ashmolean Library
ASHM Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology
ASHMOL Ashmolean
ASIA Inter-Faculty Committee for South Asian Studies
ASTR Department of Astrophysics
ATMP Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics
ATOM Department of Atomic and Laser Physics
BALL Balliol College
BALLIO Balliol College
BALLIOL Balliol College
BEAZ Beazley Archive
BEGBK Begbroke Directorate
BIOA Institute of Biological Anthropology
BIOC Department of Biochemistry
BIOF Faculty of Biological Sciences
BLAC Blackfriars
BMED Biomedical Services Unit
BNC Brasenose College
BODL Bodleian Library
BODLEY Bodleian Library
BODL University Libraries
BOTA Botanic Garden
BRAS Brasenose College
BRAZIL Centre for Brazilian Studies
BRST Centre for Brazilian Studies
CAIR Cairns Library
CAMP Campion Hall
CARD Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
CARE Careers Service
CAS Careers Service
CATZ St Catherine's College
CCC Corpus Christi College
CCRG Childhood Cancer Research Group
CECL Institute of European and Comparative Law
CEID Wellcome Trust Centre for the Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
CELL Department of Cellular Science
CHCH Christ Church
CHEM Department of Chemistry
CHIN Inter-Faculty Committee for Chinese Studies
CHRI Christ Church
CLAR Department of Physics
CLAS Classics Office and Library
CLAS Faculty of Literae Humaniores
CLASS Classics Office and Library
CLASS Faculty of Literae Humaniores
CLBI Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
CLEP Clinical Epidemiology Unit
CLME Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
CLNE Department of Clinical Neurology
CLPH Department of Clinical Pharmacology
CLUB The University Club
CMCS Centre for Modern Chinese Studies
COML Computing Laboratory
COMLAB Computing Laboratory
COND Department of Condensed Matter Physics
CONS Consulting
CONT Department for Continuing Education
CORP Corpus Christi College
COUN University Counselling Service
CPGL Comparative Philology and General Linguistics
CPGM Campaign for Oxford
CRIM Centre for Criminological Research
CRYS Chemical Crystallography Laboratory
CTSU Clinical Trial Service Unit
DEVB Developmental Biology
DEVO University Development Office
DHA Department of the History of Art
DIAB Diabetes Research Laboratories
DIAB Diabetes Trials Unit
DMED Department of Medicine
DOMI Department of Medical Illustration
DOPS Department of Plant Sciences
DP- Dyson Perrins Laboratory
DPLB Dyson Perrins Laboratory
DPMP Department of Particle and Nuclear Physics
EART Department of Earth Sciences
ECON Economics Library
ECON Institute of Economics and Statistics
EDST Department of Educational Studies
EDSTUD Department of Educational Studies
EHRC European Humanities Research Centre
ENGF Faculty of English Language and Literature
ENGL English Faculty Library
ENGLISH English Faculty Library
ENGS Department of Engineering Science
ENVC Environmental Change Institute
ERPM Europaeum
ETRC Educational Technology Resources Centre
EXAM Examination Schools
EXET Exeter College
FMML Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
FOST Faculty of Oriental Studies
GEO School of Geography
GEOG School of Geography
GERI Clinical Geratology
GREE Green College
GREEN Green College
GREY Greyfriars
HCLU Health Care Libraries Unit
HERT Hertford College
HIST Faculty of Modern History
HIST History Faculty Library
HIST New Dictionary of National Biography
HMC Harris Manchester College
IBA Institute of Biological Anthropology
ICJS Inter-Faculty Committee for Japanese Studies
ICLA Inter-Faculty Committee for Latin American Studies
ICL- Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
ICLB Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
ICME Inter-Faculty Committee for Modern Middle Eastern Studies
ICT- ICT Support Team
IDVC International Development Centre
IECL Institute of European and Comparative Law
IHSC Institute of Health Sciences
IHSU The Oxford Institute for Ethics and Communication in Health Care Practice
IMMD Institute of Molecular Medicine
IMSU Information Management Services Unit
INDL Indian Institute Library
ISCA Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
ISIS Isis Innovation
IVEM Institute of Virology and Environmental Microbiology
JESU Jesus College
JR2 John Radcliffe (somewhere)
KEBL Keble College
KEBLE Keble College
KELL Kellogg College
LADY Lady Margaret Hall
LAS Libraries Automation Service
LASV Libraries Automation Service
LATC Latin American Centre
LAW Law Faculty
LAWF Law Faculty
LERN Institute for the Advancement of Learning
LINA Linacre College
LINC Lincoln College
LMH Lady Margaret Hall
MAG Magdalen College
MAGD Magdalen College
MANC Harris Manchester College
MANCH Harris Manchester College
MANS Mansfield College
MAST Said Business School of Management Studies
MATH Mathematical Institute
MERT Merton College
MHF Faculty of Modern History
MLCR Language Centre
MLFL Modern Languages Faculty Library
MODHIST Faculty of Modern History
MOHS Museum of the History of Science
MOLB Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
MOLB Molecular Biology
MRLB Metabolic Research Laboratory
MSOF Medical School Offices
MUSIC Faculty of Music
MUSF Faculty of Music
NDCLS Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
NDOG Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
NDOS Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
NDOS Nuffield Department of Surgery
NDPB Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
NEW New College
NEWC New College
NISS Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies
NONE McDonnell-Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience
NPEU National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
NUFF Nuffield College
OCIS Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
OCMS Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences
OLMG Oxford Lipid Metabolism Group
OOEC Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Centre
OPHT Nuffield Department of Ophthalmology
ORIE- Oriel College
ORIEL Oriel College
ORIENT Oriental Institute
ORIN Oriental Institute
OUCS Computing Services
OUMS Department of Materials
OUSU Oxford University Students Union
OXCIS Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
PAED Department of Paediatrics
PARKS University Parks
PATH Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
PCLB Physical Chemistry Laboratory
PEMB Pembroke College
PHAR Department of Pharmacology
PHON Phonetics Laboratory
PHPC Divn. of Public Health and Primary Care
PHPC Health Services Research Unit
PHSC The Pauling Human Sciences Centre
PHYS Department of Physiology
PITT Pitt Rivers Museum
PLAC Philosophy Library and Centre
PLS Department of Plant Sciences
PMB Pembroke College
POLF Sub-Faculty of Politics
PSYC Department of Psychiatry
PTCH Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory
QEHS Queen Elizabeth House
QUEE The Queen's College
RADI Department of Radiology
REGE Regent's Park College
REP Regent's Park College
RPC Regent's Park College
RESI Research Institute
REWLEY Department for Continuing Education
RHDH Rhodes House
RHLH Rhodes House
RHLY Rhodes House Library
ROTH Rothermere Institute
RSDA Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
RSLY Radcliffe Science Library
SAFE University Safety Office
SANN St Anne's College
SANT St Antony's College
SBEN St Benet's Hall
SCAT St Catherine's College
SCRO St Cross College
SEDM St Edmund Hall
SEH St Edmund Hall
SFOP Sub-Faculty of Philosophy
SFOS Sub-Faculty of Sociology
SHEL Sheldonian Theatre
SHIL St Hilda's College
SHUG St Hugh's College
SJC St John's College
SJOH St John's College
SLAV Institute for Slavonic Studies
SLAV Inter-Faculty Committee for Slavonic and East European Studies
SLAV Taylor Institution Slavonic Library
SMTH Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
SOCA Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
SOCL Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
SOCR Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Research
SOME Somerville College
SPET St Peter's College
SPRT Sports Federation
SSFC Social Studies Faculty Centre
STANNES St Anne's College
STAT Department of Statistics
STCR St Cross College
STCROSS St Cross College
STHIL St Hilda's College
STHILDA St Hilda's College
STHILDAS St Hilda's College
STHUGH St Hugh's College
SURV University Surveyor's Office
STX St Cross College
TAY Taylor Institution Library
TAYL Taylor Institution Library
TAYLOR Taylor Institution Library
TCLB Department of Theoretical Chemistry
TEMP Templeton College
THEO Faculty of Theology
THEO Theology Faculty Library
THPH Department of Theoretical Physics
TRIN Trinity College
TSU0 Transport Studies Unit
UHCE Health Care Epidemiology
UKCIP Environmental Change Institute
ULIB University Libraries
UMUS University Museum
UNIV University College
UOHS Occupational Health Service
VET0 Veterinary Services
VOLT Voltaire Foundation
WADH Wadham College
WADHAM Wadham College
WELL Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
WEST Westminster College
WHGU Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
WOLF Wolfson College
WORC Worcester College
WUHM Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine at Oxford
WUHMO Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine at Oxford
WYCL Wycliffe Hall
WYCLIFFE Wycliffe Hall
XPSY Department of Experimental Psychology
XYZZ All PCs outside units, named by their owners (e.g. University accommodation)
ZOOL Department of Zoology
ZOO Department of Zoology

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