4. Making Corrections

If you have any corrections to this list, please e-mail them to winsmaster. This list is subject to change, and if the name of your unit changes, or you are a new unit without an identifier, please e-mail to let us know. If you are a new unit that does not appear in this list, you may like to make up your own identifier. Since NetBIOS names cannot be longer than fifteen characters, a four or five character identifier is recommended; three characters may be acceptable, but obviously they are more likely to clash with an existing code. Two characters are too few! Use the list ordered alphabetically by code to make sure that your chosen code does not clash with another already in use, and e-mail your unit name and choice of code to winsmaster. If you decide to use a five character code, make sure that the first four characters do not clash with an existing four character code. We reserve the right to disagree with your choice if there is a clash with another code!

The ideal starting point for this list would be the list of DNS subdomain names for units. The reason that this is not used is because NetBIOS names cannot be longer than fifteen characters, and some of the DNS subdomain names are relatively long (up to nine characters) which would leave very few characters for the rest of the NetBIOS name. However, if you would prefer to use your DNS subdomain name then this will generally be fine so long as it is three characters or longer and doesn't clash with an existing code given in the above tables. If you choose to do this, please make sure you notify winsmaster so that it can be added to the above lists.

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