7. Using Local WINS Servers

It is very simple to set up your own WINS Servers and Microsoft provide plenty of documentation. However, if you are implementing WINS for the first time then we recommend that you use the central WINS servers instead. The problem with setting up your own servers is that they will have no communication with the central servers and will not know about PCs that are registered centrally (currently several thousand PCs and around fifty domains). This means that if your PC tries to locate another PC in a different unit, it will not be able to locate it. Although it is possible to add entries in manually, this is a nuisance to maintain, and for domains it doesn’t always work reliably. If you do use local WINS servers we do recommend at least naming your servers according to the Naming Standards. This is because NT and 2000 servers are either difficult or impossible to rename, so if you ever want to change to using the central WINS servers, using the naming standards should mean that there won’t be any major problems in doing so.

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