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Connecting to Eduroam via Android


1. Introduction

The following instructions apply to using the Eduroam wireless service on the Android. If you find an error in the instructions, please contact, if you have general questions or need other assistance, contact

Eduroam is support on Android OS from version 1.6 onwards. However we have seen some issues with devices running 2.3 as documented @

  1. From the home screen, tap the arrow to open the All Programs menu

    Figure 0002.png []

  2. Tap Settings from the programs menu

    Figure 0004.png []

  3. Tap Wireless Controls

    Figure 0006.png []

  4. Tap Wi-Fi Settings

    Figure 0008.png []

  5. Tap Wi-Fi to enable Wi-Fi support - the list of networks will become populated

    Figure 0010.png []

  6. Tap the eduroam entry in the list

    Figure 0012.png []

  7. Tap to change the EAP type to PEAP

    Figure 0014.png []

  8. Tap to set the Sub-type to PEAPv0/MSCHAPv2 (this ought to be the default)

    Figure 0015.png []

  9. Enter your Remote Access account username followed by @OX.AC.UK in the User name field (for example abcd0123@OX.AC.UK)

    Figure 0016.png []

  10. On some mobiles you will also see an Anonymous identity box. Add in your Remote Access account username again followed by @OX.AC.UK e.g. abcd0123@OX.AC.UK
  11. Enter your Remote Access password (as set via in the Password field.

    Figure 0017.png []

  12. Hit the Connect button

    Figure 0018.png []

  13. Wait a little while (up to about a minute) until the message "Connected to eduroam" appears

    Figure 0020.png []

  14. A connection to eduroam will automatically be made in future if Wi-Fi is switched on and you are within range.

Occasionally Android users have problems with the connection dropping. We have had reports that WiFi Fixer can solve these issues. We have not tested this claim.

Users must abide by the user use agreement a copy of which is available at: