2. Alternative instructions

  1. Once you have the list of available wireless networks on your screen, click on Eduroam and then on the Connect button (for information on how to find the list of available networks, see the Instructions section above).
    List of available wireless networks
  2. When the Additional log on information is required... window appears, click on [Enter/select additional log on information].
    Additional log on information is required... window
  3. In the Enter Credentials window, you enter your Remote Access account details (not your Single Sign-On (SSO) details):
    • User name: your username followed by @ox.ac.uk (usually the same name as your SSO one, so abcd1234@ox.ac.uk)
    • Password: your Remote Access account password (this is separate from your SSO password and should not be the same
    • Logon domain: Leave this field blank
    Click on OK.
    The Enter Credentials box with Remote Access user name and
  4. At this stage you may see the Additional log on information is required... window again. Simply click on [Enter/select additional log on information] again. If the Validate Server Certificate window (below) appears, click on OK.
    Validate Server Certificate window
  5. The Connecting to eduroam window appears and, if the connection is successful, the Successfully connected to eduroam display.
    'Sucessfully connected' verification window
    If you want this connection to be your default one, you can tick the Save this network (and/or) Start this connection automatically.

Should you experience problems making the connection, you can try to log in (step 3 above) without adding the @ox.ac.uk after your name. This has been shown to work while in Oxford (but will not let you log in when accessing Eduroam in other locations).

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