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Connecting to Eduroam via Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 devices


1. Introduction

The following instructions apply to to using the Eduroam wireless service on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 devices. If you find an error in the instructions, please contact , if you have general questions or need other assistance, contact

  1. Turn on wireless
  2. Select [Start] then [Settings] then [Connections]

    Figure wm5_connections.png [Screenshot of the menu being selected]

  3. Click Network Cards

    Figure wm5_networkcards.png [Screenshot of the network cards icon]

  4. Click and hold [eduroam]
  5. Select Connect from the sub-menu
  6. The "Configure Wireless Network " screen should appear

    Figure wm5_configure.png [Screenshot of the wireless configuration diagloue]

  7. Click OK
  8. The following warning may appear, just click OK

    Figure wm5_warning.png [Screenshot of warning]

  9. A login screen should now appear.

    Figure wm5_login.png [Screenshot of the login prompt]

  10. For
    • User name, enter your Remote Access account username followed by, (e.g.
    • Password: your Remote Access account password (not your SSO)
    • Domain: Leave the Domain field blank.
  11. After a few moments you should be connected.
  12. Click OK and close the Settings screen
  13. To disconnect, simply turn the wireless off.

Users must abide by the user use agreement a copy of which is available at: