1. Introduction

The following instructions apply to using the OWL wireless network on Microsoft Windows 8 machines.

  1. From the Desktop:
    • If using a mouse: [Point the Mouse] to the Upper or Lower Right Corner of the Metro Screen
    • If using a touchscreen: [Swipe] from the Right Hand Side of the Metro Screen
    to reveal the Windows 8 Metro menu as shown in the image below:
    Screenshot of Win 8 Metro Menu
  2. Next [Click] or [Tap] the Settings button as indicated in the image below:
    Screenshot of Win 8 Metro Settings Button
  3. Then [Click] or [Tap] the Network button that appears at the bottom of the [Settings] as shown below:
    Screenshot of Win 8 Metro Network Menu
  4. You will now see a list a nearby wireless networks, [Click] or [Tap] the OWL wireless network as shown below:
    Screenshot of Win 8 Wireless Network Selection
  5. The [OWL] wireless network icon will expand.
    • If you'd rather choose when to connect to OWL then [Tick] Connect automatically.
    • If you'd prefer not to save the network to your computer [Un-tick] Connect automatically. This would mean that you would have to repeat the procedure detailed in this guide each time you connect to the OWL network.
    Once you've selected your preferred option click the Connect button as shown below:
    Screenshot of Win 8 OWL Options
  6. You will now briefly see the following screen indicating Windows is connecting to the OWL wireless network:
    Screenshot of Win 8 Connecting to OWL
  7. Once connected to the OWL Wireless Network Windows 8 attempts to load your homepage and will fail, being redirected to the OWL Visitor Network Login Page. This is because you are connected to OWL and you now need to authenticate to gain Internet access, as detailed in the next step of this article.
    Screenshot of Win 8 OWL Redirect

If you've been provided with OWL Visitor credentials then please follow the instructions at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/network/wireless/services/owl/visitor/.

Otherwise you will now need to configure a VPN connection to gain access to the Internet:

Regardless of your chosen VPN client users must abide by the user use agreement a copy of which is available at: http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/statutes/regulations/196-052.shtml

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