1. Introduction

For some time it has been recognised that a pervasive wireless network across the University is required and that this should be provided in a coherent manner. Besides the obvious need for members of the University be able to move freely whilst still having network connectivity, there is a requirement to provide access to visitors and to carry future services such as VOIP (Voice Over IP) on a wireless network.

In 2007 a bid was presented by OUCS to the University IT Capital Planning Group, sponsored by the Office of the Director of IT.

The proposal is to implement a second generation wireless deployment. This will allow for improved roaming capabilities and all configuration, control and updating undertaken through a central management system. Additionally, new wireless access points will be deployed in 60 separate public areas such as meeting rooms, libraries, lecture rooms and reception areas. This approach ensures a coherent service for users as they move from one area to another, and will substantially reduce operational overheads.

This public document contains an overview of the OWL Version 2 project's history and objectives. A separate document, accessible only from University systems, covers technical issues such as scenarios for deployment.

If you have any remaining questions, please do get in touch at <networks@oucs.ox.ac.uk>.

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