Faculty of English St Cross Building Main concourse area
Graduate training area
History, Classics Examination School Large lecture areas in North and South schools
Modern Languages, Phonetics and Linguistics 37-41 Wellington square Basement: Phonetics Laboratory
Basement: Brain and Language Research Unit
Ground floor: Reception area
1st floor: Committee room
47 Wellington Square Basement: Classroom
Ground floor: Classroom
1st floor: Classroom / common room F6
2nd floor: Classroom S7
2nd floor: Graduate computer room S5
3rd floor: Classroom T11
3rd floor: Classroom T7
Modern Languages Taylor Institution Ground floor: Main Hall
Ground floor: Teaching room 3
Ground floor: Teaching room 10b
Ground floor: Teaching room 16
Basement : Common room
Music Faculty St Aldate's Ground floor: Denis Arnold Hall
Ground floor: Seminar Room
Ground floor: Lecture room A
Ground floor: Lecture room B
1st floor: committee room
1st floor: Student common room
Linguistics / Chinese Studies Clarendon Press Institute Basement: Library
Ground floor: reception area
Ground floor: language laboratory
1st floor: common room
1st floor: 4 teaching rooms
History of Art Philosophy Littlegate House (2nd floor) Centre for visual studies (suite 9)
Lecture theatre
Visual Resssources Centre
Philosophy Research Centres (suite 8)
Wellcome Unit for the History of Medecine 45 Banbury Road Resource room
47 Banbury Road Seminar room
Theology Theology Faculty centre, 41 St Giles 2nd floor: Seminar room
Theology/Portuguese 11 Bevington Road Basement: Theology seminar room
Ground floor: seminar room
Ground floor: Portuguese Library
Classics Ioannou Centre Main Atrium
History Old Boy's School, George Street Common room
Admin Divisionnal Offices, 34 St Giles Meeting room