Dpt of Statistics South Parks Road Common room
OCGF Meeting room
The Mathematical Institute St Giles Building Lecture room 1
Lecture room 2
Lecture room 3
Seminar room 1
Seminar room 2
Meeting room 1
Meeting room 2
Dartington House Seminar room 1
Seminar room 2
Seminar room 3
Meeting room 1
Meeting room 2
Gibson Building Seminar room 1
Seminar room 2
Dpt of Plant Sciences - Lecture Theatre
Seminar room
Dpt of Physics - Martin Wood Lecture Theatre
DWB Level 2/1 Teaching Course
Dennis Sciama Lecture room
Dobson room AOPP
Video conference room
DWB common room
Clarendon common room
eResearch Centre - Atrium
Reception area
Computing Laboratory - Common room
Basement: room 41
Basement: seminar room 51
Lecture Theatre room 165
Dpt of Zoology Timbergen Building Lecture Theatre B
Lecture Theatre C
Seminar room D31
Seminar room D37
Southwood Laboratory
Dpt of Chemistry Chemistry Research Laboratory Reception area
Wolfson seminar room
Basement: meeting room
1st floor: communal area
2nd floor:communal area
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Reception area
Lecture theatre
1st &2nd year teaching laboratory
abbots kitchen
Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory Reception area
Main lecture theatre
JSR seminar room
Annexe seminar room
Common room area
Upper teaching laboratory
Lower teaching laboratory
Dyson Perrins Laboratory Teaching Laboratory
MPLS Division office - Conference room
Dpt of Materials Hume-Rothery Building 179.20.18-21 Dpt Library
Holder Building Electron Microscopy suite
Main teaching Laboratory
Banbury Road Second Lecture Theatre
Committee room