2. Public Folders

From 1st July, 2013 all data that currently resides in Public folders will be moved to new more suitable locations. Please see section 2.5 for details.

Public Folder location

If you are unfamiliar with what is a Public Folder, it may be that you do not use them. You may possibly have one or two mapped as 'Favourites'.

However, to see Public Folders, run Outlook and select 'Folder List' view.

Location of folder list button
Figure 1. Folder List View (Ctrl+6)

Select 'All Public Folders'.

Public Folder Location
Figure 2. Public Folder Location

Expand for a full list.

A list of your public folders
Figure 3. Public Folder List
Why are we changing the use of Public Folders?

Bodleian Exchange Public Folders have to be changed in preparation for the migration to the more modern Oxford Nexus Exchange Service.

What are the alternatives for data that was once in a Public Folder?

Your Public Folder or the data (usually email and calendars) it contains could be moved to one of the following.

I have been put forward as the owner for a Public Folder and I think someone else should be the owner.

Please contact nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk and tell us who the alternative owner should be. N.B. We need an alternative name in order to make the change.

My Public Folder has changed and now I cannot find it.

From 1st July, many Public Folders are scheduled to become parts of generic mailboxes.

To find your folder please search the Excel spread sheet located on your Q:\ drive.


Once you have located which mailbox contains the data you require you can simply add this to your Outlook profile as shown below.


To contact the migration team
Please email nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk. Please note that the migration team may be dealing with a large number of requests, and your email will be placed in a queue. It will receive a response, but this may not be immediate.

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