3. Maillists, Distribution Lists and Distribution Groups

If you are used to sending an email to a list of recipients, these lists will be migrated to Nexus and you will be able to continue to use them as you did before.

The migration process will ensure the names and membership continue as they were using the Maillist Service.

Note - If you are simply trying to use your old list, the old email addresses will still work. The notes which follow are primarily for list owners if they need to change memberships or how the lists operate.

If you are the nominated owner of a list you will be responsible for any subsequent changes in membership or configuration using the Maillist service from your browser.

Maillist: Electronic Mailing List Service

This is an IT Services managed service, separate to Nexus.

The electronic mailing list service ('Maillist') provides support for sending email messages to multiple recipients, and is often the ideal solution where requirements go beyond the group/list capabilities offered by many email clients.

A list can potentially receive mail from anyone and is highly configurable.

You may find that the migration team has recommended one of the following configurations. If you are the owner you will be able to change the behaviour and membership of the list.

  • Type 1 can be mailed by anyone.
  • Type 2 can be mailed by members only but sends all-to-all. Typically a discussion list.
  • Type 3 can be mailed only by nominated users. It typically has many recipients. An ‘announcement type’ list is a good example.

As part of the migration process any lists required will be defined and initially configured for you although most commonly this will be a Type 2 list.

Any changes in membership or configuration post migration can be done simply via a browser by the nominated owner or manager(s).

If you are a list manager you can edit your configuration here.


Mailing List initial administration screen
Figure 6. Mailing List initial administration screen

If you need to make your list behave differently, such as restricting who can send to the list, you can do this through the ‘Admin Interface for List Owners’.

Subscribers list administration screen
Figure 7. Subscribers list administration

To add additional members simply paste in their email address(es).

For more information about maillists see http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/email/maillists/ and http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/services/maillist/

Basic Distribution List

This type of list is seldom the best choice but may be appropriate in a small number of cases. These allow you to mail one or more users but it cannot receive mail from outside the University.

Distribution List membership can be changed using the same method as that for Distribution Groups (shown below).

To send an email to a Distribution List, simply select it from the University Address List (after clicking the To button in Outlook, for example).

Selecting a distribution list from the University Address list
Figure 8. Sending to a group
Distribution Group

A Distribution Group is used to grant access to another resource, e.g. a mailbox, a calendar or folder etc.

For example a mailbox 'Admin', can be accessed by members of a Distribution Group 'Admin Email Access'.

This Distribution Group can be viewed and edited by nominated managers from either Outlook or Outlook Web App.

For more information on changing the membership of such groups see How to edit a distribution List in OWA

Once the membership of a group has been established by the person who has Distribution Group Manager rights (or the owner), the group can be used to allow access to a calendar, mailbox subfolder or entire mailbox, as follows.

Permissions dialogue for sharing your calendar with group
Figure 9. Sharing your calendar with a group

For more detailed instructions of how to do this, please see Delegating access to email, calendar and other Nexus features using Outlook 2007.

Once granted membership (by the Distribution Group manager) this can allow access to a calendar, mailbox subfolder or entire mailbox.

To contact the migration team

Please email nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk. Please note that the migration team may be dealing with a large number of requests, and your email will be placed in a queue. It will receive a response, but this may not be immediate.

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