4. Outlook Web App

4.1. Email access using Outlook Web App

The Nexus email service can be accessed from a browser using the following link. https://nexus.ox.ac.uk/owa Note that this is an https page.

If you are away from your desk or your email client does not seem to be working you can access your mailbox from any browser.

Nexus login screen

To access your Oxford Nexus email account you need to sign in using your single sign on username and password.

Alternatively you can browse to the IT Services homepage and select 'Email Login' at the top of the page (you could even google “oxford nexus login”).

There are options to log in from a public computer or a shared computer. Please select as appropriate for your own security.

Once authenticated you will be presented with your personal mailbox.

Personal mailbox screen

Note. The vast majority of browsers will present this interface. On some less well known browsers you may be presented with the 'light' interface, please check with the Help Centre for details.

Note also that if you prefer a simpler interface you can either set “Use the blind and low vision experience” in the Options, General section or select the “light” version using the tick box at login.

More information about Outlook Web Access.

4.2. Using Outlook Web App to access another mailbox

After logging into your own mailbox as described previously, you can also connect to any other mailbox that you have full access to (provided it is NOT hidden from the University address list). To do this:

  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner.

    Location of your name on the screen
    Open other mailbox dialogue box
  • Type some search characters of the display name of the required mailbox and click open.

    search text characters typed into box
  • You may receive a message that more than one match was found.

  • More than one match found reply

    Select the required mailbox and click open.

4.3. To contact the migration team

Please email nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk. Please note that the migration team may be dealing with a large number of requests, and your email will be placed in a queue. It will receive a response, but this may not be immediate.

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