5. Migration checklist

In order to prepare, there are some tasks you can perform now, some you should do before migration and some after migration.

5.1. Tasks you can perform NOW

Test your SSO credentials

TEST: Can you log in to https://register.it.ox.ac.uk/self/user_info

If you cannot click on 'Forgotten password' and gain access, please email the migration team nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk

Where is my data?

Your Outlook folders may consist of more than just your own mailbox and it is important to take note of where that data is.

As well as your own mailbox you may have one or more of the following:

  • Public Folders

    You should find a message in your old public folder with the subject 'Please read me', detailing the change, which will tell you where to find your data, and how to load it into Outlook.

  • Distribution Lists

    Distribution list owners will already have been contacted regarding any changes.

  • Generic mailboxes

    Some of these have had a minor display name change (but email addresses have NOT changed).

  • Personal Archives or Outlook data files

    Check your configuration as shown here. 6.1. Outlook Data Files

    If you have any pst files in your Outlook profile note their display names and location.

    Please ensure that you check your Q:\ drive for information regarding the location of any data.

5.2. Tasks you should perform BEFORE migration

Who else currently has access to (some folders in) your Exchange mailbox?

If that was ‘Full Access’ for the entire mailbox, this will automatically be preserved. Otherwise, you will need to set these up again after the migration so it is important to record the permissions currently set.

Permissions set individually (by you, usually via Outlook, in the past) on folders will be lost. If you have, therefore, shared a folder with some colleagues, that will need to be set up again, in your Outlook client, after the migration.

Note - This does include calendars.

Delegating access to email, calendar and other Nexus features using Outlook 2007

Do you currently access other mailboxes, apart from your own?

These could be Generic mailboxes, other colleagues’ mailboxes or even mailboxes of departed colleagues. If you access other colleagues' folders, including their calendars, they will need to set up the 'sharing' of these with you after the migration.

Make a note of these and contact those colleagues after the migration.

Do you already use a Nexus mailbox?

It is important to contact the migration team to avoid mixing up the two mailboxes on migration (unless you want this to happen).

Please email the migration team nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk

Do you have any custom mailbox message processing rules?

These can be saved to a file for later use.

See 6.2. Message Processing Rules

Do you want to keep any 'remembered' email addresses (that are not saved as Contacts)?

They should be added to your contacts folder.

See 6.3. Outlook Remembered or Cached Addresses

Do you use a signature file?

If you add a signature to your email this is stored within your local setup (as a file) and can be either just applied to your new setup or re-created either from your sent items.

See 6.4. Outlook Signature

Do you have any unwanted data?

Help the migration by deleting all from your Deleted Items folder and also removing any old folders you no longer need.

5.3. Tasks you MAY need to perform AFTER migration

Additional mailboxes, folders or archives.

If you access someone else's mailbox, you can simply open this from the University address list (GAL).

Delegate access to email, calendar and other Nexus features using Outlook 2007

Re-open any pst archives.

See 6.1. Outlook Data Files

Re-enable sharing permissions on your mailbox

If you share your entire mailbox, this will be done for you as part of the migration.

If you share some content of your mailbox (e.g. your Calendar) you must re-enable as described here.

Sharing your Calendar in Outlook 2007

Message processing rules

If you have any message processing rules simply import from the file you have previously saved.

In certain circumstances the import process can fail. If this happens you may need to manually re-create the rules required.

For further information see 6.2. Message Processing Rules

Signature file

Re-apply your email signature.

This can usually be picked from the list.

See 6.4. Outlook Signature

To contact the migration team
Please email nexusmigration@it.ox.ac.uk. Please note that the migration team may be dealing with a large number of requests, and your email will be placed in a queue. It will receive a response, but this may not be immediate.

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