This section of the Nexus pages contains information regarding the migration of the Bodleian Exchange system to Oxford Nexus.

These pages are intended to highlight some basic Nexus functionality, illustrate any changed features and assist with any common client issues that may result from migration.

The following pages explain the reasons for any changes and indicate if you have any further options for consideration. If you disagree with something that the migration team have sent, please review your options as outlined on these pages and then email

Please note that the migration team may be dealing with a large number of requests, and your email will be placed in a queue. It will receive a response, but this may not be immediate.

The migration is scheduled to begin on Friday 20th September 2013. Please be aware of several things to expect regarding:

  • Calendar entries being duplicated in some circumstances.
  • Forwarding or mailbox rules in your Bodleian mailbox.
  • Setting up some delegations and sharing again after the migration.
  • Setting up your signature again.
  • Re-enable 'autocomplete' contacts.
  • Junk E-mail settings.
  • Out of office (OOF) messages.

For further information please see Known issues: User noticeable changes below.

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