2. Configuration

These configuration details are particularly aimed at users with experience of Pine on linux.ox.ac.uk or earlier OUCS systems.

Commands are shown as a capital letter followed by an expanded version in brackets. Only the single letter should be typed and it need not be in uppercase, for example S(Setup) indicates the Setup command, where only the letter S should be entered. If you are not in the main menu, you need to enter M(Main Menu) to make the Setup command available. If you are in the C(Configure) menu under S(Setup), you can find a keyword by using W(WhereIs) followed by part of the keyword, for example, whide will find Hide Empty Directories.

2.1. Collection List

Alpine can deal with multiple groups of message folders called collections. The default list holds one collection which contains only your INBOX and folders sentmail and savemail. To select the folders which are online in your nexus account, use L(collectionLists) in the Setup menu, then C(Change). There is no need to change the nickname but you must have

Server: imap.nexus.ox.ac.uk
i.e. Path and View set completely blank.

If you want to use local Pine folders as well as the nexus ones, you could instead A(Add) another collection with the above details. You may want to move this so it is the first collection and will be selected by default. To get the usual listing of folder names, you need to set Hide Empty Directories under S(Setup) and C(Configure). You will find several default Outlook folders have been added at the front of your folder list.

2.2. Configuring for sent-mail

If you have stored messages sent out under previous OUCS systems, you need to set up your old machine-specific addresses in the Alternate Addresses option (search for "keywords" and back up one line) by adding username@ermine.ox.ac.uk and/or username@sable.ox.ac.uk for those machines, and both of username@crow.linux.ox.ac.uk and username@raven.linux.ox.ac.uk if you have used pine on the linux system to access Herald, where username is your original account username. Then outgoing messages will show the recipient's name rather than yours in the folder listing. You may also wish to set the sent-mail folder name to sent-mail rather than the Alpine default of sentmail (limited to 8 characters for compatibility with early versions of MS-DOS) using the

Default Fcc (File carbon copy)
option near the top of the Configure screen. The default folders for read mail and postponed messages can be altered nearby. Note that if you set the Postponed Folder to Drafts then you will get a warning message every time you use Pine to resume the last draft message (because Pine then tries to delete the empty folder, which Nexus will not allow).

2.3. General options

In older versions of Pine, printing used the Y command rather than %. To enable this, set

Enable Print Via Y Command
(find by searching for via). The useful commands B(bounce), A(apply), H(full headers) had to be switched on explicitly in Pine but are available in Alpine by default.

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