1. Installation

In the University of Washington web site at http://www.washington.edu/alpine/ , select Obtaining Alpine software and then use the first link PC-Alpine Setup Program under the Windows Downloads heading.

All options during the installation process can be defaulted, until you are prompted for configuration information. On the Alpine Configuration Setup screen, select the option Use local configuration file and use the default filename.

Next, a further Alpine Configuration Setup window will prompt you for your Personal Name - enter your name as you would like it to appear in the 'From' field of email messages - your Email Address, and your Mail Server. For Mail Server, enter imap.nexus.ox.ac.uk. The option This is an IMAP server must be selected. Next to Login name (optional), enter your account name. SMTP server should be set to smtp.ox.ac.uk.

When the installation process enters Alpine, you need to enter your Oxford (Single Sign-On) password. You should not normally check Preserve this password for future logins otherwise anyone finding your computer unattended would be able to log straight in and have full access to your email, including sending messages of any sort in your name.

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