3. Current Problems

These problems have been confirmed on the nexus system (and probably apply to other Microsoft Exchange servers).

3.1. Save command

When the S(save) command is used to move a stored message to another folder, the following error message is likely to appear:

Message to save Shrank! (msg #nn): Continue anyway ?
This is normally harmless but if you are concerned, please check the message in the new location before allowing deletion from the old location.

Note that if you use Pine rather than Alpine, the command will not proceed and you cannot override this error condition.

This problem is being investigated.

3.2. Mutt email client

At present, Alpine fails to display the content of messages which had a digital signature and were sent using the Mutt email program, but Alpine does not give an error message on simply viewing the message. For other operations such as forwarding, a message format error may be reported.

This problem is being investigated.

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