If you delete a message accidentally from Oxford Nexus, you may be able to retrieve it without requiring an expensive data restore. This page explains what happens to most deleted messages and how to get them back under most circumstances.
Deleted messages
When you delete a message, this is moved to the Deleted Items folder. If you do nothing, the deleted item will remain in that folder for 90 days. After 90 days, it is automatically removed. You can remove your deleted items before the 90 days are reached and it is even possible that your email program (your 'client') may be set to do this for you, for example when an 'Empty Deleted Items on exit' option is activated.
Junk mail/spam
Messages that are classified as junk email/spam are moved to the Junk E-mail mailbox. If you do not remove them, they are automatically deleted after 90 days. You can set the level of junk-mail filtering both on the Nexus account settings page and in your email client, if you use one. Please note that you also need to have spam filtering turned on in Outlook Web Access (see the Outlook Web Access Guide for details.
Restoring deleted messages
Deleted items go to your Deleted Items folder. When they are deleted from there as well (and some people's email programs are set to 'Empty Deleted Items on exit'), they are kept in the Recover Deleted Items store for a further seven days. You can access your Recover Deleted Items option if you are using Outlook or Outlook Web App.
Recovering lost files
If you cannot recover your files using the Recover Deleted Items option, it may be possible to get them back using the chargeable File Recovery Service (access restricted).

Please see the following overview of the restore process.

Restore overview
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