3. Problems/Questions

  • If you use thunderbird+lightning+davmail and make tasks, then any other thunderbird+lightning+davmail installation of yours will see them too.
  • If you use Outlook and create tasks, then later go and use thunderbird+lightning+davmail then it will not see the tasks which you created in thunderbird.
So if a user is only using thunderbird as a solution, then tasks do work.
GAL Lookup
A search will not display more than 100 results due to a limitation with OWA, which cannot be changed.
Make sure "show reminders" is unselected when loading someone else's calendar, otherwise you'll get back-dated reminders for everything in their calendar. If you do this by accident it will probably lock up Thunderbird; force quit, open again, go straight to calendar, right-click on the offending calendar and change the settings to stop showing alerts.
I get an authentication error when I try to import my calendar
Check that you are using the secure https method in the URL to access the system.
Thunderbird cannot find my calendars
You have to start Davmail before starting Thunderbird, otherwise it doesn't find the calendars (it shows events, suggesting that it caches them somewhere). If you start Thunderbird before Davmail, the Nexus calendars are marked with an alert icon and their tooltip says "The calendar [name] is momentarily unavailable." Reloading them (right-click -> "Reload remote calendars") doesn't work, you have to restart Thunderbird.
Private calendar events
Some clients do not fully support private items and your private items may be revealed to those you share your calendar with. Please see the "How private are my private calendar entries?" entry in the Nexus FAQ for more details.

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