If you are upgrading to Thunderbird 3 after having used Thunderbird 2, you will probably find that your settings are transferred automatically. You can check that they are correct by comparing your settings to the Account Settings given here (use the [Tools] menu, select [Accounts settings]).

If you have not used Thunderbird before, you need to add some of the settings yourself.

Thunderbird 3 is different from many other email clients in that it already has setup and configuration details for some large ISP or webmail providers. If you want to use Thunderbird 3 with, for example, a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, you can use the Automatic Account Configuration (see Mozilla's list of ISPs that are included).

It is possible to use the auto-configuration dialogue to setup Thunderbird 3 for Nexus email too and this is described in the first section. If you have problems using auto-configuration you can use the manual configuration instructions instead.

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