2. Securing connections to the incoming and outgoing mail servers

1. To edit your account settings, securing the connection and allowing you to access your email, click on the [Tools]menu and select [Accounts] to view the Internet Accounts window. Select your Nexus account from the list. Click on Properties to edit its settings. In the Properties Window, click on the Advanced tab to reach the window depicted below. Tick the box next to This server requires a secure connection (SSL) both under Outgoing mail (SMTP) and under Incoming mail (IMAP). To finalise setup, click on OK.

Windows Mail is now configured to access your Nexus account.

If you do not see all your email folders, you may need to resubscribe to them:
Right-click on the name of your Nexus mailbox, choose [IMAP Folders], (you may need to click [Reset List] at this point), then click on each folder and click [Show], or slightly quicker, double-click each folder you want to see.

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