2. Opening Other User's Calendars

As well as being able to share your calendar with colleagues within the University it is also possible for you to open another user's calendar.

A screen where you specify that you want to open another user's
Figure 8. Open Other User's Folder

To view the calendar belonging to a colleague, choose [File/Open Other User's Folder...] on the Entourage menu.

A screen where you specify the name of the person whose calendar you want to view, and the type of folder
                        (Calendar is selected).
Figure 9. Open Other User's Folder

Click on the Find User icon next to the User input box to choose from the Global Address Book.

A list of users who match the partial name entered.
Figure 10. Select User

Type in all or part of the name of the person who has shared their contacts with you, and click Find to search. In the resulting list, click on the correct name and then click OK to continue.

The user whose calendar you wish to opne.
Figure 11. Open Other User's Folder

Choose the type of folder that you want to view, in this case calendar, and click OK to finish.

You may then see the following message:

On this screen tick Always use my response for this server and then click the Allow.

The user's calendar should now appear on the list of folders on the left, and will be opened ready for you to view.

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