4. Scheduling meetings

Entourage Web Services allows you to schedule meetings with colleagues. Because you can easily see when someone is free you can plan your meetings accordingly. To schedule a meeting follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Calendar icon in the top tool bar.
    Calendar icon
  2. From the top tool bar, click the New button to open the New Event - Calendar screen. You can also get to this screen by clicking the small arrow on the New button and selecting [Calendar Event].
    New button
  3. On the New Event - Calendar screen, filll in the details such as the subject, ie the title of the meeting, and the location and the time and date for the meeting. You can think of the time and date as being provisional at this stage, later on you will be able to check whether your attendees are available and as a result you may wish to change the meeting date and time according to availability.
    New Event - Calendar screen
  4. To invite colleagues to this meeting click the Invite button in the top menu bar (this is usually the left most button).
    Invite button
  5. You will now see a pop up window that allows you to add invitees to your event. As elsewhere in Entourage, when you type in a partial name Entourage shows a list of possible matches to choose from. You can use the Add button within this pop up window to add as many invitees as required.
    Adding invitees to the event
  6. Once you have added all the invitees, click the top left box icon or hit return to close this pop up window and return to the New Event - Calendar screen where you will see that the invitees have been added above the Subject. You can now check availability for these invitees by clicking the Scheduling tab to switch from the appointment view to the scheduling view.
    Viewing availability of meeting invitees
  7. The time, date and duration that you specified originally will be indicated by a purple bounded box in the scheduling view. You can adjust the time, date and duration by using the Start and End fields or by dragging the purple box within the scheduling view. Once you are happy with the time and date, press the Send Now button located on the top menu bar.
    Sending invitation to attendees
  8. The meeting request wil now be sent to your colleagues and the appointment will be added automatically to your calendar.

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