1. Sharing Calendars

Using Entourage Web Services with an Exchange account such as Nexus enables you to share your online calendar with colleagues within the University.

To share your calendar with a colleague, control-click on the calendar (it is important you select the calendar listed under your OUCS Nexus account and not your local calendar listed under On My Computer). On the contextual menu that appears, click on Sharing.
Image showing how 'sharing' is selected from the Calendar section in
Figure 2. Selecting 'sharing' from the Calendar section in Nexus
The Folder Properties window opens. Make sure the Permissions tab is chosen and click on the Add User... button.
Folder Properties window with Permissions tab highlighted
Figure 3. Folder Properties window with Permissions tab
The Select User window opens. This will permit you to find the user you want to share your calendar with. Enter the user's name in the search box near the top left of the window and click the Find button and select the correct user from the list of suggestions.
Select User window with one name in list
Figure 4. 'Select User' window
This will return you to the Permissions window. You must now assign specific permissions to this user. To do so, select their name and click on the Permission Level drop-down menu.
'Permissions' in Folder Properties where user's permission is
Figure 5. Permissions window (Folder Properties)
Select the appropriate level of permissions. For example, Nonediting Author will allow the other person to see the calendar itself as well as individual events and to create new events, but not to edit existing events.
Permissions window with permission level drop-down box. 'Nonediting
                            author' selected
Figure 6. Selecting permission level
In this example, Nonediting Author was selected and you can see in the screenshot below that Create Items, Read Items and Folder Visible are now ticked. Click OK to complete the process.
Permissions window with permission level changed to Nonediting
Figure 7. Permissions updated

Private calendar events: Some clients do not fully support private items and your private items may be revealed to those you share your calendar with. Please see the "How private are my private calendar entries?" entry in the Nexus FAQ for more details.

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