Image showing star screen. Calendar is chosen and 'sharing' from its drop-down menu
Figure 1. Selecting 'sharing' for the Oxford Nexus calendar (Entourage)

You can use Entourage Web Services not only to access email, but also to use an online calendar that you can access from any Exchange client and that you can give other people access to, and to share contacts, tasks, files and folders with your colleagues. This guide will explain how you transfer events from your existing Entourage calendar on your local computer into the online calendar, how to share your calendar with your colleagues, how to schedule a meeting using Entourage, and how to synchronise Entourage with the Nexus server to ensure your information is always up-to-date and correct.

The following sections assume you have already successfully configured Entourage Web Services to access Oxford Nexus (the Oxford University Exchange server).

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