1. Adding a delegate

From the Entourage menu, click [Tools] and then [Accounts...] which will bring up the Accounts screen.
Accounts screen shows a list of existing accounts
You will need to edit your Oxford Nexus account's settings so make sure that you choose the correct account and double-click the account name to bring up the Edit Account screen. On this screen click the Delegate tab.
Delegates tab shows a list of existing delegates (empty)
In the upper half of the window labeled "My delegates" Click the Add... button to bring up the Select User screen:
The Select User screen with no users selected
Type in all or part of the name of the person you want to add as a delegate, and click the Find to search. In the resulting list, click on the correct name and then click OK to continue.
The Select User screen the correct user selected
A new screen will open, where you can set their permissions:
Individual permissions can be set for calendar, tasks, inbox,
                            contacts, notes and journal
Set your desired permission levels for each of the features, and click OK. You will now return to the list of delegates, with the new person showing:
The list of delegates now includes the person you just
Click OK to complete the process. You can change their permissions at a later date by returning to this screen, clicking on their name, and then clicking Set Permissions or Remove.
Please note that if you are not delegating access to all your email folders, delegates may not be able to see the folders that you have delegated unless you make the containing folder visible. To do this:
  1. Select the Mail view in Entourage by selecting the Mail icon in the top menu bar
  2. Control-click on your Oxford Nexus mailbox (this will usually be at the top of the list of email folders in the left hand Mail pane) and select Sharing from the menu.
  3. When the Folder Properties window opens, select the Permissions tab
  4. If the delegate is not in the list of names displayed, click Add and select the user from the list.
  5. Once the delegate is listed, click on their name and then tick the box saying Folder Visible
    Permissions tab. Permissions set to Folder
  6. Click OK to complete.

The delegate can now see your list of mailboxes, but can only access (read messages, reply, etc) the folder(s) that you specifically delegated earlier on.

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